1- Click on menu or Order Now.

2- Place your order by clicking on the different categories (i.e. pizzas - Starters- Burgers etc.)

3- Click on (Checkout Button) .

4- If you are a new customer click on ( new customer ), then type in your details and click submit.

5- If you are an existing customer type your email address - and your password then click on - sign in .

6- Choose your payment method (Cash or Online).

7- Choose the time you want for your order, please allow 45 minutes for Delivery orders and 20 minutes for collection orders.

8- Fill in the rest of the details (for new customers only).

9- Click on (continue) .

10- You have to click on ( I agree ) to term and condition to submit your order.

11- Once your order has been submitted you will be taken to a confirmation page, as well as receiving a confirmation email.